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The Salient Way

In life we find that the real truth, the purest truth isn't always the most obvious.  Decisions can be muddled by all sorts of factors - advice, the media, family issues, business issues. The sheer number of things to consider can cause us to bypass considerations altogether.

We find ourselves so busy wondering whose vantage point is right; we forget to notice that none of the points are actually ours.  External forces and outside factors come at us wanting decisions. All we want to do as humans, as fathers, mothers, grandparents and professionals, is to stand in our own shoes and walk in the direction that's right for us.

It's not about the next greatest idea, it's about which idea is great for you. Approached in this context, the choices become strikingly clear, noticeable, calmly apparent. It finally feels so obvious, there's a part of you that can't believe you didn't see it previously. That's when you know you've made the right choice, the Salient choice.