Michael D. Madden, CFA
18400 Von Karman Ave., Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92612
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Our Team

The founding partners of Salient Consulting Group have worked together for over twenty years. Salient is not just a one-man shop, but a multi-faceted firm with a built-in succession plan. If one partner becomes unavailable, your family will be cared for without interruption.

In the same light, our process is geared toward making sure your spouse is well taken care of if or when you are no longer there to handle and manage the day to day complexities of wealth.

In addition, we have intentionally built an in-house team that is young, yet seasoned. This helps ensure our firm will be here to serve your family for generations.



Michael D. Madden, CFA

Founding Partner



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Michael finds that sometimes the most complex planning obstacle can be overcome with the simplest of strategies. When clients engage Salient, these solutions are often missing from their existing plans. By staying abreast of a wide range and complexity of strategies, Michael is able to solve big problems with simple ideas often overlooked by other advisors.